Hirschmann Multimedia BV emerged from the German Hirschmann organisation and started in the Netherlands as a subsidiary in 1969. Since 2009, Hirschmann Multimedia BV operates as an independent manufacturer providing high-quality communications technology to the consumer market, business-to-business market, governments and service providers in Europe.
Whether you need smart multimedia solutions at home, in multimedia suites in hotels or CARE TV in hospitals, Hirschmann Multimedia will exceed your expectations. From optical and coax products to turnkey implementations for service providers. From connections for the control and security of locks and bridges, to time-critical WLAN networks for container terminals in ports. Call Hirschmann Multimedia to discuss your requirements.


Discover the value Hirschmann Multimedia can add to your project

These are the different ways that Hirschmann Multimedia brings you innovation:

Hirschmann Multimedia Products
Whether for your home or other buildings, you can take advantage of smart multimedia solutions for coaxial installation and data network, or access via satellite.

Hirschmann Provider Solutions
Cable and telecommunication operators – use us for design, development, manufacturing, implementation, monitoring and maintaining innovative technological solutions.

Hirschmann Multimedia Solutions
Are you in the hotel, leisure, healthcare, hospital or public sector market? Try our service-oriented TV, Internet, telephony and home automation solutions.

Hirschmann Network Solutions
Networks a headache? Make us your partner in projects for IP-based (W)LAN solutions in industrial and infrastructure environments.