Multimedia Solutions


Digital service provision starts with the creation of a stable IP network. Hirschmann Multimedia Solutions is passionate about realising an optimal platform for interactive service-oriented services and multimedia solutions. Global developments are translated, and technologies are integrated into products and systems. Hirschmann Multimedia Solutions serves segments within the healthcare, hospital, hospitality, leisure and public sectors with service-oriented IP(TV) network solutions.


  • TV over coax, LAN and WiFi

  • Telefonie, VoIP and IP-dect

  • Internet over coax, LAN and WiFi

  • Digital signage

  • Home automation, including connections, contents, tv-sets

  • 24/7 support due malfunctions

  • System integration: pay-, hotel-, and care systems


More than ten years of experience allows the Hirschmann Multimedia Solutions specialists to raise the service experience of your company to a much higher level. A professional IPTV network gives you complete control over your multimedia service. For Hirschmann Multimedia Solutions, the customer relationship does not end with the delivery of a solution. It is just the beginning. Our specialists have a customer-oriented attitude. The goal is to assist you by realising an optimal network environment. In addition to sustainable solutions, we also build on sustainable partnerships.