The implementation of the network solution consists of four different phases: configuration, installation, testing and delivery.


The configuration of the equipment is established in the design. This configuration can be carried out in advance at Hirschmann Multimedia, or on-site after installation. In an existing network, a new configuration may be desirable. This will be implemented as a service.


The complete installation of the network solution will be carried out by Hirschmann Multimedia Solutions’ technicians. You can, of course, also carry out the installation yourself, or have it carried out by your usual installer. We will provide the guidance to perform the installations within the network environment. This may involve the proper installation of equipment and materials (installation of the cabling, network equipment, patch panels, etc.).

Testing and delivery

Part of the commissioning of the actual network solution is the test phases that are carried out. The correct operation of the network is presented and documented through different tests. If the implementation of the total network solution is successful, we can proceed with the delivery. Delivery documents, such as drawings and technical descriptions are transferred.

Prior to the delivery of the network solution, the following (test) phases will be completed:

  • FAT (factory acceptance test)

  • Installation/commissioning

  • SAT (site acceptance test)

  • SIT (system integration test)

  • Reports


By combining your wishes and Hirschmann Multimedia Solutions’ technological expertise, we work on a tailor-made solution. All projects are different and you can always count on maximum quality of the service or solution delivered. We emphasise this with the certifications obtained. Hirschmann Multimedia Solutions is ISO 9001:2008 and SCC certified.