Data Networks for Water Applications

The Netherlands and water are inextricably bound together. In addition to advanced solutions for managing water, the Netherlands is very progressive with respect to drinking water and waste-water purification. This is achieved using advanced process control. The major part of this process control occurs via data networks.

Challenges in these markets are mainly created because the network administrator wants to safeguard continuous production and treatment with consistent quality. This is achieved by transmitting data from different services such as PLC control via an IP network. This network is usually constructed based on a redundant network topology consisting of one or more fibreoptic connections.

Hirschmann Network Solutions provides quality, sustainable network solutions with high availability and reliability that is optimised for specific applications within the water treatment processes. The solutions range from redundant optical IP networks to wireless connections for settling basins.


Remote management

Water treatment installations are increasingly being remotely managed from one or more main locations. In addition to a control network, a network is also required for conveying camera images and controlling the access to the installation. As your partner, Hirschmann Network Solutions thinks along with you to create a reliable data network solution that makes remote mangement possible. Feel free to ask us for references for our solutions for one of the organisations below:

Hoogheemraadschap van Rijnland
Brabantse Delta
Hoogheemraadschap Rivierenland