New Generation Amplifiers & Nodes

The ever growing need for extra bandwidth and the introduction of DOCSIS 3.1 call for an HFC infrastructure that has the highest signal quality, reliability, efficiency and use of energy. The new generation amplifiers & nodes meet these standards.


European Market

In 2017 Hirschmann Provider Products started to market the new generation Hirschmann Amplifiers throughout Europe. The Hirschmann 1218 family of amplifiers and nodes are designed specifically for broadband distribution of RF signals in Multimedia Coaxial and Fiber Cable Networks.


The modular design of these amplifiers offers multiple bandwidth options from 85-1218 MHz downstream and 5-65/105/204 MHz upstream. All settings are microprocessor controlled and can be stored in a Smart (memory) called PIM. Settings can be easily changed with a smartphone app with a Bluetooth dongle. Power settings can be adjusted to optimize power consumption in conjunction with the required performance, creating savings in energy costs. These power profiles assure an optimal TCO during its lifespan and gives providers many technical and financial advantages.




BA 1218 TE

The BA 1218 TE features 2 X 42 dB gain, replaceable diplex filters, a FSK receiver and has a compact housing.


BA 1218 T3

The BA 1218 T3 has the same benefits as the BA 1218 TE including a 10 A remote power passing and the possibility for an internal DOCSIS modem for management.


BN 1218 NECX

A broadband CWDM node, based on the BA 1218 TE housing.


BN 1218 NETL

Broadband node with a tunable return path laser.

Expected: Q3 2018.


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