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Building  “fiber only networks” in new built areas is nowadays a common occurrence within most Cable operators. RF Over Glass (RFOG) as a technology enables operators to use the fiber infrastructure as a regular HFC network, utilizing the same  modem and provisioning platforms as the coaxial networks.

The introduction of new DOCSIS standards with multiple upstream carriers has created a difficult problem for operators called OBI (Optical Beat Interference) Multiple cable modems transmitting at the same time create a disturbance of the upstream signals when they are coupled with a splitter on one fiber.


The SPARK OBI free Hirschmann Products

Replacing the passive splitter (usually 1:16 or 1:32) with the SPARK 16 or SPARK 32 active combiner/splitter eliminates OBI. Every incoming optical upstream signal is individually converted to RF and coupled on RF basis. From there the combined signals can be converted to optical again for transport over one fiber. The built in microprocessor and web interface enables remote management of each port on the receiver. Downstream signals are distributed through the built in splitter. All of this in a 1RU 19 inch frame.


In the Home, the HOG 204 Micro Node converts the optical downstream signal to RF.  With 4 outputs, multiple connections in the home can be made. The HOG 204 automatically detects when the upstream band is extended to 204 MHz and will adjust itself accordingly. This saves costly truck rolls to replace the node with a 204 MHz version. Upstream signals from connected cable modems  are processed via the internal optical transmitter. In combination with the SPARK active combiner/splitter every HOG 204 can be remotely managed.


Apart from the pleasing esthetics of the HOG 204, there is also a possibility for a plugin Gigabit Internet over coax module for  distribution of Ethernet traffic over the internal network of the customer.


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