Overwhelming enthusiasm results in deployment of a new fibre-optic network for Drenthe rural areas

Sterk Midden-Drenthe U.A. has given the go-ahead for the construction of a new fibre-optic infrastructure, which will include the integration of the high-quality products of Hirschmann Multimedia BV.

The demand bundling process realised mid-2016 by the cooperative Sterk Midden-Drenthe achieved an overwhelming number of participants of 65%. This provided sufficient support for a successful implementation of the tender to provide the areas around large cities and rural areas with fibre-optic cabling. Last year, contractor BAM Bouw en Techniek started the excavation activities for the construction of the network.

Initiators of this project Peter de Vries, Technical Director at Cooperative Sterk Midden-Drenthe and Roel Seele, General Director at Cooperative Sterk Midden-Drenthe describe this milestone as follows: "A decisive result based on the solidarity principle, consisting of 23 neighbourhoods that joined forces with one purpose; connectivity for everyone in Drenthe. This success can be used in the future for other rural areas".

With extensive market research, a good partner network and the right product choices for a high-quality, unambiguous and future-proof network, the start of the construction of a technological base was at 8 march 2017 a fact.


Early this  year, the construction of the new infrastructure of 550 kilometres will be completed for the access of the now 5, almost 6000 homes and businesses. An infrastructure that uses proven market participants and network equipment. At Hirschmann Multimedia, quality and innovation are paramount, allowing for flexible and cost-efficient production. 

Daan Bonenkamp, Chief Technical Officer at Hirschmann Multimedia: "With the demand for more bandwidth, the demand for reliable, energy-efficient and future-proof network products also grows. Hirschmann Multimedia offers a wide range of high-quality products that meet the requirements of the customer, based on the latest technology. The unique factor is that the modular design offers maximum flexibility and allows for cost-effective production. With optimum transmission for the future multi-service network, the end customer benefits from the best result."

Within the network for the Drenthe rural areas, the following network products have been chosen:

  • EDFAs from the TORCH family; the TORCH family is used to realise and secure the transmission of signals over long distances. The TORCH EDFA has been specially developed for Fibre to the Home (FttH) and RFoG networks. Hirschmann Multimedia splitters (optical nodes) are also used within the network.


For multimedia services, such as television and the Internet, the customer has plenty of choice. We have opted for the integration of standardised elements:

  • the Fibre Termination Unit (the FTU) as a demarcation point (the finishing point of the infra network up to inside the building).
  • a (corresponding) CPE, the Home Gateway, which is easy to click on the FTU and together forms an extremely compact solution.

Siers Telecom, part of Siers Groep Oldenzaal, was selected based on its experience with, among others, KPN for the design, installation and maintenance of these DVB-C networks. Gé Nijenhuis, Technical Director at Siers Groep Oldenzaal BV fulfilled an advisory role at the start of this initiative. "As an experienced expert in similar processes, it is a privilege to put proven technology forward. Underlining the preference for Hirschmann Multimedia's product solutions stems from providing network security, which is an essential element for a stable and reliable network."

Siers Group Oldenzaal, network specialist for the construction of this new infrastructure, will be responsible for the installation, as well as the maintenance and fault process, for network operator Sterk Midden-Drenthe.


About Sterk Midden-Drenthe
Sterk Midden-Drenthe is an independent cooperative. With the new fibre-optic network resulting from a citizens' initiative of, for and by members with their own control over the network, Sterk Midden-Drenthe is an independent cooperative, where the profit made by the cooperative is invested back into the region. This remains within the cooperative. It allows new social initiatives to be developed based on the wishes and measured needs of the community.
For more information, please visit: www.sterkmiddendrenthe.nl/cooperatie


About Hirschmann Multimedia BV
Under the trademark Hirschmann Multimedia, we provide high-quality components and network solutions for communications technology to the consumer market, business-to-business market, governments and service providers. The products and systems are characterised by innovative, cost-effective, energy-efficient and sustainable solutions.
For more information, please visit: www.hirschmann-multimedia.com/provider-products


About Siers Groep Oldenzaal BV
SIERS builds digital networks throughout the Netherlands. The first contractor to provide access to the rural area with fibre-optic cabling. Siers provides a total package and has experience with the latest technologies. The technicians are widely trained as specialists in the field of telecommunications via copper, coax or glass. In the area of services and management, Siers has set up a department that can handle the maintenance and fault process for the entire country on behalf of the network operator in accordance with the highest standards. Thereby, customer focus is paramount. This is reflected in transparency and the options the customer can choose from. 
For more information, please visit: http://www.siersgroep.nl