The Hirschmann 1 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter, MB32
For the expansion of the present coax network with High-Speed Ethernet up to 1 Gbps.



The MB 32 adapter delivers 1 Gbps connectivity over coax in a very compact housing. Due to its size and the possibility to power the adapter via USB, it is ideally suited for connecting Smart TV’s via the existing coaxial network. The adapter can power and used in combination with routers, gateways, ADSL, cable and FTTH modems.

Supports UHD and 3D video, gaming and highspeed network. The MB 32 is plug & play connectable to the existing coax cable. MoCA© 2.0 compliant, also downwards compatible with MoCA© 1.1. Suited for Smart TV, Bluray ™player, Xbox®, Playstation®, Apple TV®, DVR, NAS (network storage), desktop, VoIP, Video on Demand, laptop, etc. Manual included, USB power adapter, USB cable, ethernet cable, coaxial cable and coaxial adapters included.

Download MB 32 manual.

Download MB 32 datasheet.



Hirschmann Provider Products is an innovator when it comes to In home Ethernet-Over-Coax (EOC) products. Ethernet-Over-Coax is a effective way of data transmission via the existing in and out door coaxial networks. To implement Ethernet-Over-Coax, there’s no need for making any additional changes to the existing coaxial network. Both data and cable television signals are sent simultaneously via the coaxial network. Hirschmann in home Ethernet-Over-Coax products are safe, stable and fast.


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