Using modular platforms like the 1218 MHz Access platform, you can customize and configure HFC networks to any scale, at any given moment and phase of network development. This  enables providers to build or upgrade existing networks  and meet the demanding standards and requirements achieving high bandwidth demands.



Hirschmann Provider Products has extensive experience in RFoG and has introduced the SPARK, a future proof and OBI free RfoG platform which eliminates the possibility of OBI. With RFoG products Hirschmann Provider Products enables providers to offer a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) architecture, using DOCSIS and without the need to change the in home coax applied distribution network as well as existing OSS and BSS systems. RFoG is a cost effective solution using DOCSIS via Fiber and building the bridge to the next phase in FTTH networks.



DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) is an international  protocol for high data transfer via an coax network. Hirschmann Provider Products supplies next level products like the latest 1218 MHZ Access platform which can smoothly migrate HFC networks to the latest DOCSIS standards. Our technology enables and helps operators to distribute the growing content demand to their customers.



Energy efficiency is crucial when building future proof networks, introducing flexibel energy systems that are economically and ecologically sustainable. Hirschmann Provider Products  significantly increases the product life cycle and stability of networks. Our 1218 MHZ Access platform is characterized by high performance and extremely low power consumption.



Hirschmann Provider Products invests in ECO-friendly Solutions. We care about our  environment and influence the  operational aspects of our products. We consider how our business can help our customers and suppliers in achieving this goal. To support this we invest significantly in innovation, and research and development. Using our own Research & Development department Hirschmann Provider products uses the newest components of manufactures that share our commitment to sustainability. This leads to the most innovative and durable products available for todays and tomorrow’s networks.



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