A thorough management of maintenance means that the continuity of the system is guaranteed. Technical systems must meet increasingly high productivity, availability and capacity demands. Through regular, comprehensive maintenance you can increase the availability and service life of the network.


  • Preventive

  • Corrective

  • Spare parts (management)


Depending on the service contract, support is offered 24/7 or 8/5. In addition, Hirschmann Multimedia Solutions can offer additional services such as remote diagnosis, planning and work preparation. These services can form an integral part of the contracts.

Examples of components within a service agreement are:

  • Telephone support: within 15 minutes

  • Response time at location: within 4 hours (specialist level)

  • After a telephone call, and depending on the solution offered, remote access is possible where we can watch in the online environment.

Why have a maintenance contract with Hirschmann Multimedia Solutions?

  • Single point of contact

  • Structured maintenance

  • Specialised knowledge

  • Optimisation of your maintenance costs

  • Increase in the availability of your network


The choice of products, the assembly of various components, plus the set-up of the installation all have a direct influence on the display quality or data flow within your network solution. Hirschmann Provider Solutions provides energy-efficient high-quality products with high durability, low power consumption and optimal shielding.

Does a product not work to your liking, or does a solution covered by the agreement with Hirschmann Multimedia Solutions not perform as required? Complete the Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) form here to return the defective product. You will receive assistance as soon as possible, and together we will look for an appropriate solution within the warranty period.